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TerraBot is a virtual guide for the classification of kitchen waste because a huge amount of waste is being created.

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Definirajte problem

Throughout our hisitory, humanity has made such large progress in it's industrial world and with it's developing our planet started to feel consequences of those actions. With such change, our environment started to suffer and so the huge piles of trash started to accumulate in our system; creating unhealthy evironment for all living creatures.  

Na koje sve skupine ljudi utječe ovaj problem?

This issue or problem, is not only affecting all humans of our planet but every living creature that lives on it. Researchers have foud out that more and more microplastic has been found in some animal species that people use for consumption on daily bases.  

Tko je sve odgovoran za ovaj problem?

Only humans are responsible for this issue. 

Koliko je problem velik?

This problem has covered all population of our planet. It is a very drastic problem that can lead this world into complete ruination. However, a large portion of people still doesn't care for the sorting of waste.  

Što trenutno stoji na putu rješenja problema?

The most impornat thing that is blocking the current solution of the problem is people's ignorance. Their lack of interest is not helping either, but it's rather making this problem much bigger. If this doesn't gets resolved our planet will continue to suffer and our future generations won't be able to live healhy lives.  

Zašto ste odabrali ovaj problem, zašto je važno riješiti ga?

We chose this issue because we believe that there are not many interetsing sources of information that can lead people to actually read the conent of them. We also chose this because we wanted to give a brief over-view on this issue and share the knowledge that could potentially be our salvation into brighter and healhier future.  

Kako chatbot riješava ovaj problem?

The chatbot contains the important facts about different waste groups. It also has intriguing approach to the user which makes it seem more interesting. While maintaing it's frieidnly demeaner, it still maintains to provide knowledgable facts about waste, recycling yards and much more. It's an easy source of information that is accessable to mayority of people which makes it much greater because so many people can be educated on such drastic issue such as this in matter of minutes.